General Assembler Level 1

by IS2 Workforce Solutions

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Jan 04, 2023
Experience: 2 Years
Education: High School Diploma
IS2 Workforce Solutions

Job Description

General Responsibilities: 

  • Provide training to more junior level, less experienced workers 

  • Willing to work extended hours during the work week and occasional weekends as needed; be flexible to schedule changes. 

  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment. 

  • Attend training programs offered by the Company. 

  • Communicate with coworkers and supervisors in a clear and professional manner. 

  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. 

Door Assembly (Level I – Entry Level) 

  • Employee is responsible for the assembly of doors.  

  • Build all types of doors as per customer’s request with the correct specifications. 

  • Operate with a high level of safety, quality, and productivity.  

  • Read and Interpret Production paperwork;  

  • Measure, cut and assemble.  

  • Assemble door frame using pneumatic and manual tools in a fast-paced environment, ensuring correct components are used. 

  • As time allows, light clean up in the work area.


    Prep Sanding  

    Load and unload doors into the booth and onto sanding rack; sand cross-grain scratches and scratches left by machining tools. (Can be up to 300 lbs. finished doors in a dual lift 150 lbs. each). 

    Edging Clamp 

    Apply glue, operate the wood edging clamp, and plate machines including the clamp carrier and the double-sided planter. (Only doing stiles max 50 lbs). 

    Glue-up Press 

    Laminate veneer faces onto the core, make cores from raw materials, press overlays to make a fire door, veneer facing panels; set up and clean the glue spreader, cut parts to length. (Full flush door – putting covers on a large panel – (10lbs to 150) 

    Rim Banding 

    Cut trim using the double miter saw and double edging clamp. (Panels – 50 lbs up to) 

    Bladder Press 

    Apply glue and veneers on both faces of the panels. Use a Profile sander and orbital sander. (Panels – 50 lbs up to) 


  • Ability to use basic hand and power tools; tape measure, hammer, table saw etc. 

  • Must be committed to working safely and following safety policies 

  • Capable of performing repetitive, physical work 

  • Must be able to lift 25 to 300 lbs. in a dual lift 

  • Able to work independently or within a team to meet production numbers 

  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment 

  • Flexible to work in multiple areas of the facility 

  • Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with team, internal customers and external customers 

    Essential Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to lift, up to 150 lbs. 

  • Most work is performed at or below shoulder level. 

  • Edge clamp rim banding shoulder level. 

  • Load carts to limit 56 inches stack height stiles or finished door from floor. – depending on height 

  • Task requires repetitive use of hands.   

  • Standing for long periods of time 

  • Physically demanding  

    Confidential inquires can be received at or 519 931 7488

Application Contact Information

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Contact Name:   Morgan Drouin - Senior Recruitment Specialist
Telephone:   519 931 7488
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